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A Horseman's Education:

I knew that if I wanted horses to be my career I would need
an education worthy of the job. So, at the age of 17, I began a professional horsemanship journey that continues to this day.

I spent six weeks at the International Study Center in Colorado where I was able to study directly with Pat and Linda Parelli and some of their top instructors. This course bridged the gaps in my development with horses and was the foundation for major horsemanship opportunities down the road.

From there I went to La Cense Montana, an 88,000 acre
working cattle ranch focused on developing colts into prem-
ium recreational riding horses. At La Cense, I apprenticed
with Steve Byrne, a horseman and colt starter from Australia.
I spent the next three years mainly at La Cense under the guidance of Steve Byrne, gaining experience starting colts, working with difficult horses, and establishing solid
foundations in young horses.

Being in Montana gave me the opportunity to meet Ray Hunt.
I was able to watch, and ride in numerous clinics that he put
on in the area.

I also spent three months at the Parelli Center in Florida in an exclusive course of only ten people taught by Pat Parelli. This course gave me a better understanding of how to help difficult and problem horses and included extensive hands-on experience. As a bonus, the course provided twice-weekly intensive lessons with highly accomplished dressage trainer Karen Rolf.

In 2006, I had the opportunity to spend six months with Leon Harrel, a world famous cutting horse legend. There I gained experience introducing young horses to a cow, and in showing and fine tuning finished horses. I’ve also had the privilege
of learning from Craig Johnson who is a 3 time Olympic
gold medalist, and winner of numerous
NRHA Championship titles.

Today I am still, and will always be, a student of horses
and horsemanship. I cannot imagine doing anything else with
my life. I'm located in Jackson, Wisconsin where I give private lessons and take horses in for training at Rainbow Acres Ranch.

I've been helping people with their horses since I was 14. I'vealways enjoyed the process of observing and being a part of helping people progress with their horses. My teaching style has been greatly influenced by every person who has spent time teaching me over the years. I look forward to meeting you
and having the privilege of being a part of your
horsemanship journey. Horse Trainer WI Horse Clinics WI