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Over twenty years ago I embarked on a lifelong horsemanship journey. I have traveled the country to study with some of the best horsemen in
the world in a variety of philosophies and disciplines. I invite you to read about my journey and training.

I currently live in Jackson, Wisconsin, where I train horses and help owners to achieve higher levels of understanding and skill
with horses through natural methods. I provide customized training programs to match each horse and rider.

I look forward to meeting you and having the privilege of being a part of your horsemanship journey.

~Emily Kemp

When I was three I sat on a horse for the first time. For me that was the beginning of a life long addiction to horses. As a kid I spent all my spare time at the local stables. I took weekly lessons, leased several horses, and was active showing horses in 4-H. When I turned eleven I got my first horse. He quickly became my best friend and teacher. A few months later I met someone who changed my horse world forever. He was Parelli instructor John Harms.

When I met John I thought Natural Horsemanship was all about trick training. So at the start of my first lesson I told him that
I wanted to teach my horse to do slide stops, spins, and to lie down. Wow, was I naive!

John began explaining to me how a horse thinks and showing me how to work with horses from their point of view. I began to understand how this would help prepare my horse for all the things that I wanted to do. I was amazed at the changes between my horse and I! From that moment on all I wanted was to be able to read and
understand horses and gain a true feel for them.

I began to travel all over Wisconsin with my horses riding with “natural” clinicians as often as I could. I went into Level 4 of the Parelli program. Also, I continued showing heavily in 4-H and open shows and taking lessons from some top showmen and trainers. I showed my horses in everything: Western, English,Jumping, Showmanship, Halter, Speed Events… you name it I was in it. I had
no idea at the time how far my passion for horses would lead me.

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