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Emily Kemp offers horsemanship clinics on a vast array of topics.
Here's a few examples of clinics offered:

Cow Working Playday:

Featuring the mechanical cow. Swing by for a session with the flag (aka the mechanical cow). You can ride and leave
or stay and watch the other riders. $50/rider. Time may vary depending on the number of riders that show up.
Contact Emily for more info.

Obstacle Clinic


Obstacles are one of the best ways to help stretch and
challenge you and your horse as a team. This course will have lots of hands on time, with a variety of creative yet practical obstacles. Learn how to break down an exercise so that it’s useful in filling foundation holes. If you’re wanting horsemanship advancement, then this is the class for you!
Contact Emily for more info.

Liberty Clinic

Liberty is the ultimate test of your communication skills. It’s a place where the “truth” can get exposed. Along with many new exercises learn what to do with the feedback your horse gives you at liberty. This course is all about developing and enhancing the respect and rapport between you and your horse. Ask emily if this clinic is right for you.
Contact Emily for more info.

Foundation Horsemanship


Gain a clearer understanding of how horses think, and what causes them to respond the way they do to different situations. Learn techniques and skills that will help you gain your horse’s respect and leave you safer in your journey with your horse. This is a groundwork and riding clinic.
Contact Emily for more info.

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