"Coming from a background of many years of taking "normal" lessons, lessons and clinics with Emily have been a refreshing change for both myself and especially for my horse.  The concepts and techniques she teaches make perfect sense where before the instructions I would receive seemed counterproductive to the free flowing movement of my horse.  And although it takes time for me to get her concepts from my head to the rest of my body parts, I no longer experience the level of frustration that I used to when I couldn't immediately achieve the results desired by my former instructors.  I can now recognize when my horse is trying but not quite getting what I am asking - where before I would immediately assume he was being disrespectful.   That extra little bit of patience and understanding that it takes to reward the smallest try, has made all the difference in the world - I now have a horse that comes to me in the paddock instead of hiding behind the other horses.   

He moves in a much more fluid and responsive manner as well, now that I have learned you don't need to be constantly squeezing your horse with your legs to get your horse to go forward, even while riding with contact. So for all you English enthusiasts don't let Emily's western saddle fool you into thinking that she doesn't understand your discipline.....

Thank you Emily - without your guidance I would still be an unhappy rider with an even unhappier horse!"

~Beth Schrock
Germantown, Wisconsin

Emily and I were both participants in the very first clinic that I attended some fifteen years ago. She may have been about eleven or twelve and I of course, was MUCH older.

Even at a very young age I can remember watching her and being a bit envious of her potential and the good fortune to be able to begin natural horsemanship at such an early age.

Throughout the next ten years we attended many clinics and lessons together. She was much more advanced than I and I respected her ability to be able to achieve and share her knowledge with other youth through the 4-H programs.

I was not surprised that she followed through on her dream to become an instructor. Prior to her leaving this area to establish that goal I visited her and her family. While doing so I attended the local Fair and 4H horse show with her. I watched the group of young people that she coached in the 4-H horse program.I thought it would be no surprise to see how well her group did however, I was very surprised. They excelled far beyond things that I would have expected at that point. Under the guidance of this young lady they certainly had allot more going for them than I ever could have imagined. I knew she was going to come back from her travels being a wonderful instructor.

We kept in touch while she was traveling. I continued in my learning as did she. I was thrilled when she came home for a few months and offered a clinic for some of the locals. I attended that weekend clinic and was very happy with the help I was able to get with specific problems that I had been struggling with for what I thought was a couple of years. In hindsight, this was my struggle for the past fifteen years! She went back on the road for another year before moving back and starting her own business. I was thrilled!!!! I scheduled a private lesson to work specifically on my concerns with collection and or soft feel. Within about fifteen minutes I was accomplishing things that I had struggled with for so very long. One small piece of the puzzle and I can finally move forward and am able to identify progress. I practiced, I took lessons, and finally someone could fine tune the little piece I was missing to succeed. What a joy!

Emily as a keen eye for subtle little things that “get in your way” of accomplishing the end goal. Sometimes the “tweak” she offers is so slight that it is hard to even imagine the big change that can be achieved with such a small adjustment. Actually I cannot imagine how she can even see what is missing. It is very apparent that she loves and respects the horse and has a wonderful way of presenting the horses view on things. You will always leave feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments. She is quick to point out the things that you do well. You will hear positives, and get various ways to achieve success. You will be motivated and inspired. The atmosphere at their facility and staff is one of comfort, warmth, friendship, and support. If you want true success and support she is one you will find it from.

Don’t let her youth fool you. She is wise and focused beyond her years!

I still say “when I grow up I want to be just like Emily”.

~Marcy Swoboda

For anyone looking to improve their riding, horsemanship skills, and develop a lifelong partnership with their horse, I highly recommend Emily Kemp. I sent my two-year-old thoroughbred to Emily for one month of ground training a few months after buying him. Although he is naturally laid back in personality, he had never had any formal training before I got him other than leading and basic handling. As a 16.2hh thoroughbred youngster, he would often test his boundaries. During training with Emily, I was extremely impressed. Not only did Fortune receive excellent care while training, which put my mind at ease during the month he was gone, but the included lessons Emily gave me at the end of the month were extremely beneficial.

It’s one thing for a trainer to work with a horse and send him home for the owner to figure out how to continue training him, but it’s much more proactive for a trainer to give the owner the tools and advice needed to continue the training, which is what Emily did. Upon bringing Fortune home, I had a young horse that was much more focused, respectful, responsive, and who wanted to work. Regardless of one’s riding discipline, I feel Emily’s training produces horses that will succeed in any riding discipline, whether it’s jumping, dressage, cutting, reining, or trail riding. Perhaps most importantly, her training focuses on going beyond success in the arena to training horse and rider to be successful as partners, whatever they do.

~Cherisse Le Jeune (and Fortune)


Emily was introduced to me by a friend who I highly regard in horsemanship. Murphy and I are working on our level 3 Parelli skills, but have sought more after the relationship and partnership, than the completion of tasks and a level. Murphy has a lot of "baggage" from previous experiences, so for the past 7 years that's what always surfaces whenever we start to move forward. This tells me we've never been able to really address the deep seated baggage that he carries…until Emily! Emily was able to read Murphy like a book, and suggested not only some different bits that would help him feel safer and more secure, but also helped me to understand better what he was going through emotionally, mentally and physically! By getting a better understanding of what his needs are, Emily coached us through various fun, exciting exercises to help us move forward. With consistent, steady lessons and time enough to really put to practice what we learned in between our lessons, the summer of 2008 will always be one to remember! Murphy and I have moved forward more in one summer (emotionally) than we had in 3 years. This holds especially true of our partnership this winter, as he comes trotting to me in the field when I come to play with him, and in the indoor arena, he doesn't leave my side. The softness and feel I have under saddle with him now is amazing as well; our dressage is coming along nicely, without force or fear. We look forward to our time together, even if it is in a frozen indoor arena! Now that says a lot!!!!"

~Anke Johnson,
Certified Health Coach for Equestrians and Career Parents

I feel very fortunate to have Emily almost in my backyard. I live about 5 miles from Emily. I have known Emily for about 6 yrs. I started taking lessons w/Emily before she left to study natural horsemanship. When she returned home I began to take lessons w/her again. Emily is talented & knowledgeable beyond her years. She has helped me on my journey of developing my young but huge Georgian Grand, Guy. Emily never pushed either me or Guy beyond what either of us were capable of and she is always encouraging. Guy and I have been on a journey to complete our Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level 2 and Emily has helped us tremendously. It is very important to me that my horse enjoys the lessons/training as much or more than I do and I feel that Emily respects my horse and doesn't push Guy which makes the lesson enjoyable. I would recommend Emily to anyone and everyone no matter what your discipline or goals. She is well rounded and always learning more. Whether you are a trail rider, or like the show ring or like reining or dressage she can help w/all of them. I am praying that she remains in my backyard.

~Kay & Guy (Oreo is bowing, my other horse)

Emily did a beautiful job of starting my horse under saddle.  After 2 years of groundwork, she was able to accomplish this in months as opposed to the years (and probably many mistakes along the way!) that it would have taken me.  She also helped to bring my awareness and understanding of my horse to a whole new level.  After a few months with Emily and several lessons, my horse and I were in a much better place together.  I can't thank her enough for this!! My horse is amazing to ride and we are having a blast together!

~ Marcy Harrington

Some of the great trainers are amazing with animals, but then can be kind of harsh or come across in a way that makes the student feel dumb or embarassed. Some have great people skills, but aren't as effective with our four-legged friends! Emily, though, excels in both areas and always makes me and my horse, Cyrrus, feel comfortable at all times.

Emily is very skilled at helping owners accomplish each goal through clinics and private lessons. They are great!

Her skills at reading horses' body language and speaking to them clearly in their own language is amazing!

Being taught is always much better than just having something done for you.

That indeed is what Emily’s method is about. Her emphasis is on not simply fixing a horse's problems herself, but strongly on training the owners, not just the horse, so that we gain the same skills and knowledge quickly.

Cy and I have come a long way with Emily’s help, and enjoy a wonderful relationship, we are very thankful to have her as our instructor, and look forward to continuing our wonderful journey.

~Maggie Voss

Emily Kemp is one of the best trainers and teachers I have found in the Natural Horsemanship world.  She has years of experience with all different kinds of horses and has helped me more than any other trainer I have used.  She has a keen ability to analyze what you and/or your horse is doing and then give directions and exercises to improve your skills.  It is an amazing talent for such a young lady to be so skilled with people and with horses.  While I was recovering from an injury, Emily worked with my horse for several months.  She gave my  mare experiences and training that I could never have provided.  Her insight with my horse was very helpful.  I have seen her work with many horses from totally green to rather advanced and she always produces a better horse in the end.  In some ways, I think the horses are easier for Emily.  She matches their body language and very quickly they know that She Knows...!  We humans are a little more difficult to convince.  However, I can tell you first hand that if you are willing to listen and follow her lead, you will improve your horsemanship.  Sometimes that means putting aside what we think we know and looking at it from a fresh perspective.  Emily has the ability to bring that fresh perspective to you.  I am very grateful to her for what she has done for me and my horse.

~Beverly Zimmermann

Being a student of natural horsemanship for 12 + years, I’ve ridden with multiple instructors and clinicians. For about two years prior to meeting Emily, I struggled at clinics and lessons. I didn’t feel I was getting what I needed to progress with my personal horsemanship.

I met Emily the summer of 2007 and have been taking lessons with her ever since. Emily truly cares about the needs of her students and their horses. I’m able to set my own goals and move toward them at my own pace. Emily picks up the same pace and teaches accordingly.

I’m confident Emily can take me to any level of horsemanship I desire. I no longer feel like I’m struggling in my horsemanship journey. The partnership with my horse and our advancement has excelled. I look forward to many more lessons.

Thanks Emily for all your help!

~Julie Kutz and Clancy


I own an off the track thoroughbred gelding that is a jumper, Dressage horse and now into eventing.   This past summer, my horse, Tanner decided he had had enough travelling to shows, lessons, etc. and just planted his feet and wouldn't get on the horse trailer.  Needless to say we tried hours of pushing , pulling , coaxing , chains over the nose, even horse tranquilizer to get him back on to continue his showing and training for his first Silverwood horse trial.    Nothing was working and we were exhausted and somewhat getting hurt even trying.   Tanner is a huge animal, 16.2 and big bodied, so when he says he isn't going, he just isn't going.

But then I got Emily Kemps number from a friend who was having issues also with her horse.     Emily came out to Hillside farm where i board my horse and in two hours Tanner was miraculously walking on by himself to the horse trailer and standing quietly, over and over again.   This was amazing to everyone who knew Tanner and how bad he was to load.   Emily is amazing; her knowledge of the Parelli seven games and horse behavior turned my thoroughbred into a dream again.   After Emily showed us what to do with our rope halter, lead and carrot stick.... WE even got Tanner on and off by ourselves.... only one of us ... not the 4 or 5 helpers we used to have to have just to get him near the trailer.     So, I am a Believer!!!!!   Emily is an absolute marvel around horses, and anytime I have a problem.... she will be the only trainer I will call.   You have to see it to believe it.     Thank you Emily for saving our horse show summer...!!!!!!   Ps. its been over 2 months and Tanner is still loading by himself, like a dream!!!!!!

Wendy Carson

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